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Innovation in Nursing and Healthcare with Tim Raderstorf: Ep 06

We’ve got another excellent episode of Mastering Nursing just for you! This week, Nurse Keith and his guest cover a subject that’s important for the future of the field… innovation in nursing and healthcare. Tim Raderstorf is the Chief Innovation Officer at The Ohio State University College of Nursing, and had so much to share about it. As the first nurse to hold this academic title in the United States, he takes great pride in educating the nation on the role of the nurse as an innovator and entrepreneur.

In 2017, he founded The Innovation Studio, a makerspace/incubator that provides interprofessional healthcare teams with the tools and mentorship needed to turn ideas into actions. Outside of Ohio State, Tim is the founder of Quality Health Communications, a digital Clinical Decision Support System that communicates real-time patient quality and safety metrics to the healthcare team. He is also the co-author of Evidence-Based Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Nursing and Healthcare: A Practical Guide for Success, which will be published by Springer Publishing Company in 2019.

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Nursing in the 21st Century with Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN: Ep 05

We’re back with a new episode of Mastering Nursing! The topic for discussion this week is nursing in the 21st century, and what nurses’ contract with society is. Joining Nurse Keith to explore this fascinating subject and more is the brilliant Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN. Barbara is an internationally recognized integrative holistic nursing pioneer, a nurse theorist, and Florence Nightingale Scholar.

She is Co-Director of the International Nurse Coach Association and Core Faculty of the Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program. She is also the International Co-Director of the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health, and the Director of Holistic Nursing Consultants in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico (where our host Nurse Keith also resides).

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Nurse Invented Products with Sarah Mott: Ep 04

It’s time for yet another episode of the Mastering Nursing podcast! Our topic of discussion this show is nurses inventing products and bringing them to market. Joining Keith to explore this is Sarah Mott. Sarah is a Registered Nurse and the author of Nurse Born Products, a unique website that showcases and sells nurse invented products.

Sarah got her start in business after she developed the Koala~Qlip Stethoscope Holder which is a handy little tool that holds your stethoscope on your pocket or waistband. As demand grew for her product, she decided to create a platform where other nurses can also sell their products. After listening to the show, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sarah, as she loves connecting with nurses from around the country and would enjoy hearing about your product ideas!

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Nurse Entrepreneurship and More with Michelle Podlesni: Ep 03

It’s time for a new episode of the Mastering Nursing podcast! On this show, we’re covering a topic that every nurse should be aware of… entrepreneurship. Joining Keith to discuss this is a true expert, Michelle Podlesni. Michelle is the author of UnConventional Nurse: Going from Burnout to Bliss! as well as the President of the National Nurses in Business Association and CEO/President of Bloom Service Group, LLC.

She is an accomplished businesswoman, US Navy veteran and nurse with over 30 years’ experience that ranges from clinical care, case management, to speaking engagements and healthcare technology. Michelle is also a bestselling author, and serial nurse entrepreneur. She has a proven track record of leadership success in executive management of start-ups and established multi-million dollar SaaS (software as a service) companies serving Fortune 500 clients. Michelle is a widely recognized and respected authority in business and speaks nationally on the empowerment of nurses through entrepreneurship, so needless to say, she’s the perfect guest to weigh in on the subject!

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