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Leveraging Technology for Your Nursing Career with Brittney Wilson: Ep 10

Do you know how beneficial technology can be for a nursing career? Doing things like building an online brand can have a tremendously positive impact for any nurse. Our guest, Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN is a firm believer in this. She has even written a fantastic book on the subject called The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology.

Brittney Wilson is the nurse behind The Nerdy Nurse and the co-founder of Health Media Academy. She’s also an award-winning author and blogger, an international keynote speaker, and a powerful influencer in the nursing and healthcare technology communities. Her insight on leveraging technology to develop professionally as a nurse is so valuable. Listen in!

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Personal Fitness and Wellness for Nurses with Lacey Magen: Ep 09

Get ready for another episode of Mastering Nursing! Nurses, and many other healthcare providers, work so hard to care for patients that they can overlook their own wellness. That’s not good! Our guest, Lacey Magen is a firm believer that personal fitness and wellness can help nurses better serve their patients and healthcare communities. She had much to share with Nurse Keith on the subject.

Lacey Magen, BSN, RN, is a former middle school teacher who realized her true calling was nursing. After going back to school, she became a Night Nurse. From there she added wellness coach and entrepreneur to her resume. These days she continues to build a following all around helping nurses and other professionals live their best lives by improve their fitness and overall wellness. Listen in to hear one of our most inspiring episodes yet!

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Emotional and Relational Intelligence in Healthcare with Camille Adair: Ep 08

We’re back with another Mastering Nursing episode! When it comes to working as a nurse or any other healthcare professional, one crucial skillset is too often overlooked… emotional and relational intelligence. Being strong in these areas can make anyone better at providing care! Nurse Keith was joined by Camille Adair, RN who is an expert on the topic, in addition to being the Founding Director of the Institute for Systemic Relational Health and Systemic Relational Theory.

Camille is also a filmmaker, having made the documentary Solace: Wisdom of the Dying. She facilitates systemic constellation workshops, professional training groups, and provides coaching for organizational leaders, private clients and team coaching for groups. Considered a thought leader in healthcare, Camille works in collaboration with organizations and individuals in the movement to humanize health care, end-of-life care and generational healing for a better future.

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Personal Values and Authenticity in Nursing with Alene Nitzky: Ep 07

Get ready for yet another episode of Mastering Nursing! This week is all about bringing personal values and authenticity into your work as a nurse. Helping Nurse Keith discuss this crucial concept is Alene Nitzky, Ph.D., RN. Alene is the founder of Cancer Harbors, which provides affordable, accessible, state of the art & science, evidence-based cancer survivorship caring through education, knowledge & skill-building, and advocacy for their clients.

Alene Nitzky, Ph.D., RN, OCN is an oncology nurse, author, and entrepreneur from Fort Collins, Colorado. Her book, Navigating the C: A Nurse Charts the Course for Cancer Survivorship Care, is a resource for all stakeholders in the healthcare system from the perspective of a nurse working in the community. The book contains solutions for patients, healthcare professionals, and administrators who make decisions around healthcare with a unique approach to preparation and prevention, and practical guidelines for building self-care, self-advocacy and cancer literacy skills regardless of one’s cancer status, knowledge or experience. Alene enjoys painting with pastels and is an accomplished ultra-distance runner.

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