Associates In Emergency Medical Services Programs

An associates in emergency medical services is a degree that trains those seeking a career in the EMS, fire, and/or public safety arenas. Emergency medical practitioners assess patients, initiate treatment under written or verbal orders from a physician, and transport patients to an appropriate facility. EMT professionals often work as EMTs, paramedics, or other emergency medical professionals.

An associates in emergency medical services is typically offered as an Associate of Applied Science (AAS). These programs offer a comprehensive curriculum combined with hands-on, industry-related medical equipment training and often take two years to complete. Courses often cover such topics as human anatomy, emergency medical technician training, paramedic preparatory, medical emergencies, trauma/special populations/EMS operations, and more.

An AAS in emergency medical services is often considered the minimum qualification necessary for employment and in terms of preparation for licensure as an EMT-Paramedic. An AAS in Emergency Medical Services also supplies graduates with a well-rounded education, should they choose to advance their education toward a bachelor’s degree.

An associates in emergency medical services is a first step towards becoming a successful EMT or paramedic. The programs in this list are offered with flexible scheduling, allowing you to work towards your degree on your timetable.

ECPI University

ECPI University – Accredited By SACS

Associate of Applied Science in Emergency Medical Services: “The AAS in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) follows the EMS Education Standards published by the US Department of Transportation and involves 555 hours of classroom and lab instruction; an extensive structured 270 hour in-hospital clinical component with experienced preceptors at various medical centers and a field internship with a high performance urban EMS agency. Students successfully completing this program will be eligible for certification testing by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. The Paramedic program provides general instruction in all human body systems and advanced life support management for a wide range of conditions.” Click Here to request information about this program.


City College

City College – Accredited By ABHES

Associate of Science in Emergency Medical Services: “City College’s comprehensive EMS associate’s degree includes both Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic courses, prepares students to provide hands-on knowledge of anatomy and physiology, how to treat injuries, administering IVs, assessing patient status, bleeding control and other techniques. Students also learn how to maintain patience under pressure and develop a professional attitude. Upon completion of the 21-month program, you will be prepared for the EMT and Paramedic certification examination.” Click Here to request information about this program.