Preventing Burnout and Compassion Fatigue with Caroline Cárdenas: Ep 12

Burnout and compassion fatigue can happen to any healthcare professional, and it can have a negative impact on patients and even your larger nursing career. Fortunately it’s very preventable, as our guest this week will attest to. Nurse Keith was joined by Caroline Cárdenas (MSN, RN, CBCN, RYT 200hr), who is a Masters-prepared oncology nurse, hoopdance teacher, and evangelist for play and physical movement as a means to preventing and recovering from burnout and compassion fatigue. She’s also the creator of The Hula Hoop Girl, an Embodied Movement Meditation Self-Care Body Play Practice that guides women to reconnect to their natural born rhythm, replenish their joy, and cultivate their creative courage

Caroline uses hoopdance and ecstatic movement as methods for helping nurses and women living with cancer to experience joy and reconnect with their bodies. Caroline is currently pursuing a PhD in Somatic Psychology so that she can even more strongly communicate her sincere belief in the transformational power of joy, play, and body-centered awareness. Listen well to hear more about all this from Caroline herself!

What You’ll Discover in This Episode:

  • How play and body awareness can foster joy, healing, and a more integrated level of self-awareness .
  • That experiencing more joy on a daily basis can help you to meet the challenges and stresses of your nursing career and high-stress healthcare environments.
  • How Caroline Cardenas has learned how to translate her love of hoopdance, hula hooping, and body-centered play in order to empower and provide healing for women living with cancer, as well as nurses experiencing the symptoms of burnout.
  • That getting in touch with and overcoming fear can lead to a deeper sense of courage and personal fulfillment.
  • Plus so much more!

Featured on the Show:

A Quick Look at The Hula Hoop Girl

The origins of The Hula Hoop Girl go back long before its founding in 2014. That said, the 2014 is when founder Caroline Cárdenas’ journey with The Hula Hoop Girl really ramped up. Caroline had achieved her Masters of Science and Nursing Degree specializing in Education (MSN) and published her article “Hoop Dancing to Prevent and Decrease Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Nurses” in the Journal of Emergency Nursing and the UCSD Nursing Journal. She also achieved her certification as a One Hoop One love Elemental Hoop Dance Teacher, a powerful program developed and guided by the beloved and internationally recognized and loved women’s empowerment embodiment educator and mentor, Shakti Sunfire.

These days The Hula Hoop Girl has helped many as an Embodied Movement Meditation Self-Care Body Play Practice that guides women to reconnect to their own natural born rhythm so to reawaken the empowered, embodied woman to self-resource & self-express through the gateway of the body.

Fast Facts

  • Mission: Guide women to connect with their joy, protect their joy, practice their joy, share their joy, and dance in the center of their joy, through transformational body play practices of hoop dance, ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation, mentorship, coaching, guidance and education.
  • Classes and More Offered: Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training, Elemental Hoopdance Classes, Coaching for Women’s Empowerment, Coaching for Women with Breast Cancer, Coaching for Nurses, Hoopdance Performances.
  • Retreats: In-Depth Hawaiin Hoopdance Retreat, Rancho Agua Caliente

Nursing Organization of the Week: Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS)

Nursing isn’t just about medicine, it’s also about the community. Nurses who work together help drive the field forward and provide support, encouragement, and so much more for nurses all over the world. With that in mind, we here at the Mastering Nursing podcast want to highlight and recognize those that are doing a particularly great job of it.

We seek nominations from our listeners and other passionate nurses, and then decide on award winners each episode. If you have any nursing organization you think should be highlighted, don’t hesitate to reach out via e-mail (or social media message) and let us know!

This week, we’re overjoyed to award the Eastern Nursing Research Society (or ENRS).

Comprised of RNs and others interested in promoting nursing research, ENRS is dedicated to creating a community of nurses interested in promoting research in the Eastern Region of the United States.

ENRS was established in 1988 as the research arm of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Nursing Association (MARNA) and the New England Organization for Nursing (NEON). Regions include: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, D.C.

Their mission is straightforward… they aim to promote health and nursing science in general in the Northeastern United States. More specifically they accomplish this by: Providing a networking forum for Nurse Scientists; developing Nursing Science; translating evidence to guide practice and education and to influence policy; mentoring Nurse Scientists; and sustaining a vital organization. All with a regional focus.

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