Personal Fitness and Wellness for Nurses with Lacey Magen: Ep 09

Get ready for another episode of Mastering Nursing! Nurses, and many other healthcare providers, work so hard to care for patients that they can overlook their own wellness. That’s not good! Our guest, Lacey Magen is a firm believer that personal fitness and wellness can help nurses better serve their patients and healthcare communities. She had much to share with Nurse Keith on the subject.

Lacey Magen, BSN, RN, is a former middle school teacher who realized her true calling was nursing. After going back to school, she became a Night Nurse. From there she added wellness coach and entrepreneur to her resume. These days she continues to build a following all around helping nurses and other professionals live their best lives by improve their fitness and overall wellness. Listen in to hear one of our most inspiring episodes yet!

What You’ll Discover in This Episode:

  • The crucial importance of self-care and personal wellness.
  • Mindset and self-motivation are crucial. Positivity can be the engine of your personal wellness and your nursing career.
  • Getting in touch with the “why” of your choice to be a nurse is central to owning your career and being happy with the choice of becoming a nurse.
  • Being your best self at work and at home comes from within.
  • Plus so much more!

Featured on the Show:

A Quick Look at Lacey Magen’s Work

Lacey Magen hopes to inspire other healthcare professionals around the world to meet their health needs & goals daily BEFORE pouring into the work of others. Her mission and focus is to work with nurses and other healthcare professionals on their personal nutrition & exercise needs so that, as a team, we can conquer our demanding jobs POSITIVELY one shift at a time. She says, “When we take the time to care for ourselves we are better able to serve our patients and healthcare communities. Practicing what we preach MATTERS. Being healthy MATTERS…. and we know that! If we did not believe it we would be out of jobs!”

Fast Facts

  • About: Lacey is a “Newly Wed, Night Nurse obsessed with living the best life possible & helping other women to do the same.”
  • Instagram Following: Almost 24k … and counting!
  • Plans Offered Through The Virtual Wellness Center: Exercise Focused Starter Kit | Exercise Focused Combo Kit | Nutrition Only Starter Kit | Nutrition Lifestyle Kit
  • Email Lacey: laceymagenfitness AT gmail DOT com

Nursing Organization of the Week: Respiratory Nursing Society and Interprofessional Collaborative (RNSIC)

Nursing isn’t just about medicine, it’s also about the community. Nurses who work together help drive the field forward and provide support, encouragement, and so much more for nurses all over the world. With that in mind, we here at the Mastering Nursing podcast want to highlight and recognize those that are doing a particularly great job of it.

We seek nominations from our listeners and other passionate nurses, and then decide on award winners each episode. If you have any nursing organization you think should be highlighted, don’t hesitate to reach out via e-mail (or social media message) and let us know!

This episode, we’re happy to recognize the Respiratory Nursing Society and Interprofessional Collaborative (RNSIC)

RNSIC is “the professional association for healthcare providers interested in respiratory health and quality care for those with respiratory disorders. It provides an opportunity for those in a variety of practice settings to develop a strong respiratory knowledge base and skills important for quality respiratory healthcare.”

They accomplish this by doing a number of important things including:

  • “Providing educational opportunities that teach nurses and other health care providers respiratory concepts that promote positive individualized outcomes.”
  • “Supporting the standards of care for quality respiratory nursing practice developed by the Society.”
  • “Promoting and disseminating research.”
  • “Serving as a formal network for communications in the field of respiratory nursing.”

Many congrats to them on their selection – be sure to connect with them to learn more!

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