Maintaining a Healthy Workplace for Nurses, with Renee Thompson, DNP: Ep 01

It’s time for the first ever episode of the Mastering Nursing Podcast! For this first episode, we were so honored to have Renee Thompson, DNP, founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute and CEO of RTConnections, on the show to talk all about maintaining a healthy workplace for nurses.

Dr Renee Thompson is a thought leader and innovator in the areas of creating healthier, happier workplaces that are free of bullying, incivility, and other factors that negatively impact productivity and worker satisfaction… so the absolute perfect guest for a show on this!

What You’ll Discover in This Episode:

  • The importance of a healthy workplace.
  • How bullying negatively impacts the nursing workforce.
  • Why Renee founded The Healthy Workforce Institute in order to bring her message of healthy, functional workplaces to more people.
  • The most common disruptions in the healthcare workplace.
  • And more!

Featured on the Show:

A Quick Look at the Healthy Workforce Institute

Founded by Renee Thompson, DNP, the Healthy Workforce Institute is on a mission “to align with Executive Teams of leading edge healthcare networks to strengthen the organizational culture, equip leaders to better lead professional teams and empower employees to provide the best care possible.” Workplace bullying is one of the most destructive things to a professional workplace. In fact, 48% of graduating nursing students are concerned about becoming a target of workplace bullying. While 85% of all medical errors can be linked to poor communication and disruptive behavior among healthcare employees.

Below are some of the products services offered by the healthy workforce institute to combat these challenges:

In addition to these items, the Healthy Workforce Institute boasts many articles and other helpful tidbits all around having a workplace that healthy, productive, and giving the best care possible.

Nursing Organization of the Week: California Nurses Association

There are so many fantastic organizations out there supporting nurses and striving to improve healthcare for patients. With that in mind, we here at the Mastering Nursing podcast want to highlight and recognize those that are doing a particularly great job of it.

We seek nominations from our listeners and other passionate nurses, and then decide on award winners each episode. If you have any nursing organization you think should be highlighted, don’t hesitate to reach out via e-mail (or social media message) and let us know!

With all that said, we’re thrilled to recognize The California Nurses Association as our first ever Nursing Organization of the week winner!

“Founded in 1903, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee/AFL-CIO is a premiere organization of registered nurses and one of the nation’s fastest growing labor and professional organizations in the U.S. with more than 100,000 members in hospitals, clinics and home health agencies in all 50 states. In the past 15 years, CNA/NNOC has grown by nearly 400 percent.

CNA/NNOC is also a founding member of the 150,000-member National Nurses United, which in 2009 united CNA/NNOC, the United American Nurses, and the Massachusetts Nurses Association to create the largest union and professional association of nurses in U.S. history.”

Their goals are simple and so important. They fight for patients, work on improving healthcare, and work to make a difference for nurses and other caregivers in their home state of California.

They accomplish these goals by sponsoring laws and establishing some of the best collective bargaining contracts in the nation to help not only nurses but also the patients they treat.

The CNA has a strong web presence. There you can learn about legislation affecting nurses, their election endorsements, job opportunities, and more. National Nurses United is a huge organization, so you’ll find many great resources on the site.

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